Team Coaching Case Studies

Since real improvement in business metrics is what matters most, my approach includes focusing on the key competencies the team wants to develop while simultaneously working on real business goals. We measure both – because “what gets measured gets improved.” As an illustration, here are descriptions of Team Coaching Case Studies using TCI's approach with one significant improvement pulled from each of them:


  • Large Healthcare System - Improved patient satisfaction ratings from 18th percentile to 82nd percentile
  • Medical / Pharmaceutical - 34% increase in productivity, 52% in positivity
  • Consumer Goods - Engagement scores went to 4.9 out of 5.0, highest in five years
  • Telecommunications Small Team - “We trust, no one gossips, we follow the team contract”
  • Telecommunications Large Team - A high performing stable team moved to the next level
  • Finance - Fiscal results increased 40%, staff levels down 10%
  • Energy Company - Record revenue and profitability
  • Education - 24% increase in productivity and 32% in positivity
  • Private Dentistry Practice - 97% improvement in productivity and 107% in positivity
  • Large Health Care Call Center - Service level went from 49% to 75%
  • Healthcare Center - The entire hospital received one of the best scores they have ever received from a Joint Commission survey
  • Surgical Service Leadership - 65% improvement in positivity including an 87% improvement in Trust
  • National Food Retailer - 10% increase in sales
  • Global Manufacturing Company IT Project - 3rd attempt at SAP project finishes on-budget and on-time