Team Diagnostic-Suite of Products

Team DiagnosticTM

Suite of Products


Team Diagnostic™
(the original team assessment)

  • A self-portrait of the team, drawn by the team
  • Proven model of team effectiveness
  • Unique view of the team and a map for team development

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Team Leader View™

  • A simple, cost-effective way for a team leader to assess their view of the team, and their own leadership
  • An excellent team leadership development tool

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Team 360 View™

  • Unfiltered feedback to the target team
  • A candid picture of the team by those impacted the most
  • Answers the question, “What do stakeholders think about our performance?“

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Organization View™

  • Broad view of a whole organization or representative sample
  • Measures both the culture and productivity strengths that deliver results
  • Gives the leadership team invaluable information about the health and performance of the organization, and their leadership of it

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The Model and Approach

The four diagnostic products are based on the same proven model.

The first in this group of integrated tools is the Team Diagnostic™, used with thousands of teams worldwide since 2005.

The online diagnostics take about 20 minutes to complete. The process is anonymous. The responses are combined and presented in a report that displays the results in multiple graphic layers, each layer more detailed. The diagnostics also include responses to essay-style questions that can be customized for the intended application.

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